GIA Certified Natural  7.8CTS VS F Diamond Vivid Pink Sapphire 18K Solid Gold Cocktail Ring

GIA Certified Natural 7.8CTS VS F Diamond Vivid Pink Sapphire 18K Solid Gold Cocktail Ring

Gemstone: Sapphire, Diamond
Metal: White Gold, Yellow Gold
GIA certified natural 7.82CTS diamond and pink sapphire 18K solid gold ring. This ring features a huge oval 3.43CTS natural no heat vivid pink sapphire. The oval cut sapphire is surrounded with 24 large solitaire natural brilliant cut diamonds adding up to 4.39CTS. This ring has twelve large solitaire round brilliant cut diamonds adding up to 1.56CTS. So each round brilliant cut diamond is 0.13CTS. This ring also has twelve large brilliant cut pear diamonds adding up to 2.83CTS. So each diamond is about 0.24CTS. The sapphire displays beautiful internal flashes of dark pink, light pink, hot pink and neon pink shades. The high quality natural diamonds and sapphire are set into solid heavy 18K gold with two tone finish.

The natural, untreated Madagascar sapphire is a highly desirable vivid pink color. The sapphire has water like, see through clarity. It is completely eye clean and looks perfect to the naked eye. It does have minor natural inclusions which can only be seen under 10x magnification. It is a completely natural sapphire, no heat, no artificial filling, no clarity enhancements and no color enhancements.

The sapphire has been certified by an Asian gem lab and GIA (USA) to be a no heat, natural pink sapphire of Madagascar (East Africa).
  • Round Cut Diamond Size: 3MM
  • Pear Cut Diamond Size: 5MM X 4MM
  • Diamond Color: F-G
  • Diamond Clarity: VS
  • The oval cut sapphire measures 10.45MM X 7.86MM X 4.12MM.
  • The top part of the ring with the sapphire and the diamonds around it measures 27MM X 24.5MM.
  • This ring rises 10MM off the finger.
  • This ring is a size 6.75, but it can be resized.
  • The following stamps are on the ring, "18K" "750" "D-2.83+1.56" "P-3.43CT".
  • This ring weighs over 9.78 grams.
  • This ring comes with an independent gem lab certificate, Asian gem lab certificate and GIA certificate