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Wearing an Australian Opal ring is like wearing a collection of jewels all in one. Opals are so beautiful that they may be mistaken for unearthly.

The ideal opal ring is one you will never want to take off. It should reflect your distinct individuality and creative energy. We have a saying at Exotic Gold: that the opal selects you. When looking through our exquisite Australian opals, we are certain that you will find an opal match as unique as your handwriting.

Whether you're looking for yourself or a loved one, an opal ring is the ultimate statement of love. Read on to discover why Australian precious opals are unique in the gemstone world, and why an opal ring is the statement item you've been looking for.

Opal Origins – where and how are Australian opals found?

The peculiar geological circumstances of Australia, like old inland seas and volcanic activity, have provided an ideal habitat for opal creation. Opal gemstones have been formed over millions of years. They are formed when silica and water combine deep within the fractures and fissures of the Earth's crust, where the silica deposits consolidate to produce opal gemstones.

The specific chemical mechanism that converts hydrated silica into the wonderful priceless opal we see today is still unknown. We do know that high-quality Australian opals may be discovered in regions around the old Eromonga Sea, which is currently located in Queensland, Australia. Winton, Yowah, Quilpie, and Jundah-Opalville are a few of these mines. South Australia and New South Wales both have well-known mines.

The Characteristics of Opal

Hardness and durability

  • Opals and pearls have the same hardness (5.5-6.5 on Moh's hardness scale).
  • Opals in opal rings need to be set for their function - daily ring versus occasional wear ring - so they survive generations.
  • An everyday ring should have a setting that shields the opal from unexpected hits.

Opal care

  • Clean Australian opals using a soft cloth and mild detergent, or use an ionic cleaner.
  • Opal doublet jewelry should be cleaned by a professional and not soaked in water or other cleansers.
  • If worn every day, opal ring stones may require professional repolishing after 5-10 years of usage.

Which opals to choose?

If you want a more subtle but nevertheless magnificent gemstone, white or light-colored opals are an excellent choice. A lighter-colored opal's body tone can range from translucent milky hues to iridescent, with bright flashes of mild green and blue to more intense pinks and reds, as well as a variety of colours in between.

The deeper an opal's body tone, the more vividly the play of colours inside it is represented. The spectacular colour play in deeper body opals provides a brilliance and massive colour explosion that will fascinate you for hours. This influence is sometimes linked to their exceptional attractiveness.

How much is an opal ring worth?

That depends; in most cases, the substantial worth is found in the quality and kind of precious opal highlighted. The ring's overall price is determined by its rarity, clarity, color-play, pattern, and distinctiveness.

The complexity and elegance of the ring design, contribute to its worth. In addition, the location of manufacture influences the value of an opal ring. For example, tailored settings in Australia are substantially more expensive than those produced outside.

Some less expensive retailers and internet dealers may sell opal rings that have been commercially manufactured, with several settings, and opals that have been glued or put haphazardly. A solid rule of thumb is that you usually get what you pay for, so expecting a quality opal ring to be priced in the hundreds is unrealistic.


Opal is a beautiful stone connected with luck, love, and protection. Its brilliant color represent optimism and happiness, and it is said to inspire good fortune to the wearer. Opal is also supposed to provide the user the ability to understand the past, present, and future, making it a powerful source of wisdom.

Whether you were born in October or simply love its magnificent charm, opal holds an important place in the world of gemstones. From its history to its unique characteristics and meaning, we hope that this blog post has shed light on the cryptic nature of Opal jewelry. Thus, anytime you see an opal, keep in mind the secret discoveries it contains and the stories it tells.